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ASCIP joins CARF’s International Advisory Council

April 27, 2016, Tucson, Arizona — The Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (ASCIP) has accepted a seat on CARF’s International Advisory Council (IAC), bringing added expertise from the field of spinal cord rehabilitation to CARF’s standards development process.

The IAC comprises organizational and individual members representing the spectrum of CARF’s accreditation services. Members provide guidance on the development of the CARF standards and input on issues affecting fields in which CARF offers accreditation. The addition of ASCIP to the IAC increases the total member count to 42 organizational and 5 individual members. A list of IAC members can be found at

“ASCIP is honored to join CARF’s International Advisory Council,” says ASCIP President Lisa Beck, who will represent ASCIP on the council. “The collaboration of ASCIP and CARF will bestow future opportunities to develop programs and enhance the lives of those living with spinal cord injury. ASCIP will be a valuable resource in providing field-based input and guidance to proposed standards, which will affect quality, evidence-based care, healthcare policy, advocacy, education, and research in spinal cord injury.”

ASCIP is dedicated to optimizing the health of individuals with spinal cord injury/disease through advanced interdisciplinary education, professional development, and scientific research.

“This group has been instrumental in assisting CARF in moving the field forward in spinal cord rehabilitation by assisting us with identifying trends, development and revision of standards, and giving us the opportunity through conference presentations to update the field,” says Chris MacDonell, CARF’s managing director of Medical Rehabilitation and International Aging Services/Medical Rehabilitation. “We are very pleased to have ASCIP join the IAC.”

CARF’s Medical Rehabilitation accreditation area has general program standards for providers serving any persons with spinal cord dysfunction and core program standards for Spinal Cord System of Care providers specializing in this population. For more information about CARF accreditation of medical rehabilitation programs, please write or call toll free (888) 281-6531.

4/27/2016 8:55:00 AM

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