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  • Listen to your consumers and employees with uSPEQ®

    Input from your consumers and employees is essential to ensuring high quality services and striving for continuous improvement. 

    uSPEQ® (pronounced you speak) is a neutral, third-party resource to anonymously capture feedback from your consumers, employees, and other stakeholders regarding their experience with the services and climate of your organization. uSPEQ questionnaires are scientifically proven to be both valid and reliable. A subscription includes access to uSPEQ's proprietary questionnaire items, survey distribution, and an easy-to-understand report detailing strengths, areas for improvement, and national benchmarks for comparison. uSPEQ also has the ability to incorporate custom items to fit the unique needs of your organization.

    uSPEQ utilizes universal performance indicators to focus on issues important to a wide range of stakeholders, and there is sufficient detail in the questionnaires and resulting reports to enable your organization to identify opportunities for improvement and track performance against goals.

    uSPEQ survey tools concentrate in two areas that are critical to organizational health and improvement:

    • uSPEQ Consumer Experience Survey gathers feedback from consumers (i.e., persons served, customers, clients, patients, residents) regarding their perception of the quality of services as well as their satisfaction.
    • uSPEQ Employee Climate Survey assesses organizational climate from the employees' perspective by systematically gathering and analyzing feedback from the organization's employees about their work environment.

    For more information, visit or call (888) 877-3788.

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