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  • Online or supplemental standards  

    Occasionally standards are introduced or updated between printings of standards manuals or are developed specifically to be used as a supplement to the program sections of all CARF standards manuals, unless otherwise specified.

    To identify a primary standards manual, please review the program descriptions, then call CARF at (888) 281-6531 for consultation to identify which standards manual you should order as your primary manual.

    The following standards are available as complimentary PDF downloads:

    • 2018 CARF Standards Manual Supplement for Networks — For surveys between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. A network is a legal entity that contracts with two or more organizations that deliver health and human services to persons served (“participating providers”) to coordinate functions between or on behalf of the participating providers. This supplement contains standards and survey preparation questions applicable to network administration and participating providers in the network.
    • 2018 Standards Workbook for Unaccredited Participating Providers — Service delivery networks that are seeking CARF’s Network accreditation can use this workbook for their quality review of participating providers that are not accredited by CARF or another nationally or internationally recognized accreditation organization. The workbook includes applicable standards with questions to guide providers in demonstrating conformance, appendices for required written documentation and operational time lines, and the CARF glossary.
    • 2018 Standards Manual Supplement Employment Services Centre in Canada — For surveys between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. The design of an Employment Services Centre (ESC) is results oriented and focused on the employment and career development goals of the job seeker.
    • 2018 Standards Manual Supplement for One-Stop Career Centers — The design of One-Stop Career Centers (OSCC) is results oriented and focused on the employment and career development goals of the job seeker. The services are provided in a businesslike environment, and the job seeker is treated with respect as a valued customer. To be successful these services must also consider the personnel needs of the employers in the local job market, the community resources available, and the trends and economic considerations in the labor market. The services will be designed to meet current and future labor market demands, to break the cycle of unemployment and public assistance, and to provide opportunities for skill, educational, and career development for individuals to become productive members of the workforce.
    • DMEPOS standards — To participate in the Medicare Part B program, a DMEPOS supplier must be accredited by an organization deemed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CARF is approved by CMS as a national deeming authority. Please visit for more information.

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