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CARF International Board of Directors elects Richard Forkosh as Chair

G. Thomas Heath joins as new Board member

December 19, 2017, Tucson, Arizona— The CARF International Board of Directors has elected Richard Forkosh as Board Chair. His one-year term begins January 1, 2018. Forkosh has been involved with CARF governance for 19 years. He recently retired as President and CEO of United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Heartland in St. Louis, Missouri, after a 35-year tenure.

“I firmly believe in the benefits and value of pursuing and achieving CARF accreditation,” said Forkosh of his election. “I know firsthand the impact CARF accreditation has on the development and outcomes of quality programs, services, and supports for individuals receiving services. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors in our governance capacity as well as the staff leadership in carrying out our Strategic Plan for the present and future business activities of CARF.”

Forkosh succeeds Herb Zaretsky, Ph.D., who served as Board Chair from 2015 to 2017. CARF President and CEO, Brian J. Boon, Ph.D., said, “I would like to thank Herb Zaretsky both for his service as the Board Chair over the past three years and for his continued service as an active board member. We are grateful that Richard Forkosh, who has had many years of executive service and experience as a board member, will maintain the strong policy governance model that has made CARF successful in its mission.”

Mr. Forkosh has more than four decades of experience working in support of children and adults with developmental and other disabilities. In addition to serving as President and CEO for UCP Heartland, Forkosh served as the Interim President and CEO for UCP, Inc., a national organization located in Washington, DC, from July 1, 2016, through July 7, 2017.

Over the years, Mr. Forkosh participated on numerous state and national coalitions and advisory committees (public and private). He has spent his career advocating for people with disabilities to have full inclusion in and equal access to all segments of their communities.

Mr. Forkosh became involved with CARF when his organization converted to CARF accreditation in 1983. He was first elected to what was then the CARF Board of Trustees (BOT) in 1999 and was elected Chair of the first CARF Board of Directors following its downsizing from the BOT in 2005. During his years participating with CARF, Forkosh chaired several committees, including Standards, Board Education, Executive Compensation, Bylaws, and many others created ad hoc.

G. Thomas Heath joins CARF Board of Directors

The CARF Board of Directors elected G. Thomas Heath as a new director. Heath will serve a three-year term running January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2020. He is currently Board Chairman at GlycoMira Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company that develops therapeutics for mucosal diseases.

“I am pleased to be elected to serve on the CARF Board of Directors and assist CARF in its mission to provide accreditation services for health care service providers,” said Health. “I'm hopeful that my experience in management and governance in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries will add value to CARF.”

Heath brings three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including senior-level management positions at Pfizer. He has also founded and served in executive-level positions at two startup biotechnology companies.

Dr. Boon welcomed Heath to the Board, saying, “CARF is fortunate to be able to attract and recruit high quality candidates to its Board, with Mr. Health being the most recent addition. With many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, both domestically and internationally, his experience and insight will be of great governance value.”

Susanne Bruyère, Donald Dew, and Herb Zaretsky reelected to Board terms

The CARF Board of Directors also elected to retain Susanne Bruyère, Donald Dew, and Herb Zaretsky for additional three-year Board terms running January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2020.

Serving in diverse health and human service fields, the 11 members of the CARF Board of Directors bring unique and valuable experience to their governance roles. The Board roster for 2018 is:

  • Richard Forkosh, Kirkwood, Missouri (Board Chair)
  • Susanne M. Bruyère, Ph.D., CRC, Ithaca, New York
  • Thomas J. Buckley, Ed.D., Hollywood, Florida
  • Donald J. Dew, M.S.W., ACSW, Chicago, Illinois
  • G. Thomas Health, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Kayda Johnson, Solana Beach, California
  • Marvin Mashner, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania
  • Paul Nathenson, RN, ND, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Sharon Osborne, Seattle, Washington
  • Robert H. Short, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Herb Zaretsky, Ph.D., New York City, New York

12/19/2017 8:00:00 AM

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