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  • Template options: Paragraph or two

    Use these template options if you have a half webpage or less to promote your accreditation on your website. Simply copy and paste the template text you want to use and insert your organization’s information where prompted. You can make changes to the template text, but please be sure to note the following guideline from the policies and procedures section of the standard manuals:

    All references to CARF accreditation by the organization must clearly identify the accredited programs and services, unless all programs and services offered by the organization are accredited by CARF.

    Option 1

    A CARF <Three-Year/One-Year> Accreditation was awarded to <Name of your organization> for the following <program(s)/service(s)>: <List program(s)/service(s)

    CARF accreditation demonstrates <Name of organization>’s quality, accountability, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served.

    CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers in the areas of Aging Services, Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Employment and Community Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Opioid Treatment Programs, and Vision Rehabilitation Services. For more information on CARF, visit

    Option 2

    <Name of your organization> has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by CARF International for <List program(s)/service(s)>

    CARF accreditation is a public seal of trust and commitment to quality based on internationally accepted standards. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates <Name of your organization>'s commitment to exceptional, personalized care. An organization receiving the highest level of CARF accreditation has undergone a detailed peer review process and has demonstrated to a team of surveyors, during an on-site visit, its commitment to providing programs and services of the highest quality. For more information on CARF, visit

    Option 3

    Since <Year first accredited>, <Name of your organization> has received the maximum Three-Year Accreditation by CARF International for the following <Program(s)/service(s)>: <List program(s)/service(s)

    Accreditation demonstrates that <Name of your organization> is committed to enhancing its performance, managing its risk, and distinguishing its service delivery. For additional information about CARF or the accreditation process, visit

    Specifically for CARF-accredited CCRCs

    <Name of your organization> has met the highest standards of quality for continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), receiving a Five-Year Term of Accreditation from CARF International for <Name of your CCRC and other programs that were specifically surveyed, such as adult day services, dementia care, or stroke specialty programs>.

    Accreditation helps consumers identify communities that may be more financially stable, are committed to providing better quality care, and can be a better investment. CARF International aims to help ensure that the nation's retirement communities fulfill their promise of quality, lifetime care to older persons.

    For more information about CARF International, the standards, or the survey process, visit its website at

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