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Title:  COVID-19: A message from CARF's CEO and current updates. Click to read more.



Link:  Coronavirus

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Title:  ASAM Level of Care certification by CARF. Click to read more.



ASAM Level of Care certification by CARF. Click to read more.

Link:  ASAM Level of Care certification by CARF

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Title:  Click to read CARF's solidarity statement



Link:  Solidarity

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Title:  FFPSA CARF is an approved QRTP accreditor



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CARF® accreditation focuses on quality, results


Accreditation assists service providers to improve the quality of their services and meet internationally recognized standards. Learn more >


Consumers, their families, and the public look for CARF accreditation as assurance that providers strive to offer the highest quality services. Learn more >


Funders, insurers, referral agencies, and government regulators recognize that CARF-accredited providers are accountable and a better risk. Learn more >

Value of CARF Accreditation

CARF accreditation signals a service provider's commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community.

What is CARF?

What is the accreditation process?

Why choose CARF?

About CARF

We are an independent, nonprofit organization focused on advancing the quality of services you use to meet your needs for the best possible outcomes.

CARF provides accreditation services worldwide at the request of health and human service providers. Whether you are seeking rehabilitation for a disability, treatment for addiction and substance abuse, home and community services, retirement living, or other health and human services, you can have confidence in your choice. Providers that meet our standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best available.

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