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CARF 101 training sessions for medical rehabilitation programs now offered as web-based recordings

2017 pilot format replaces in-person training sessions for the medical rehabilitation accreditation area

April 27, 2017, Tucson, Arizona — Medical rehabilitation professionals looking to receive CARF 101 training in 2017 will now be able to do so from their own office on their own time. Beginning this year, MED 101: Preparing for Successful Accreditation training is being offered in web-based recorded modules, which replace the multi-day, in-person version.

The new format is being offered as a pilot primarily to expand training access to more staff members within organizations by eliminating the need to travel and allowing training materials to be shared with as many staff members as necessary.

“Our presenters reported that maybe only 1–2 people, sometimes 3–4, from each organization were attending [the in-person trainings] because of travel costs and scheduling barriers,” said Chris MacDonell, FACRM, CARF’s managing director of medical rehabilitation. “These individuals would then have to take information back to all levels of their organizations, which is a time-consuming task that can inadvertently miss people and departments responsible for using the standards.”

Secondary objectives of the pilot format are to expand the information provided about each section of standards and allow organizations to home in on the sections most relevant to the services they offer. Each standards section will now be covered in a dedicated 30- to 60-minute module and contain suggestions and tips relevant to that area. Receiving segmented education in this manner will allow organizations to better allocate their training time and may also be helpful if they wish to explore standard requirements for programs not yet accredited.

A full list of objectives for the pilot web-based training format includes:

  • Reduce overall expenses for attendees by eliminating hotel, airline, and other travel costs.
  • Expand access to training materials by making them available until the end of the calendar year and allowing unlimited sharing within a company.
  • Create a more relevant training experience by providing segmented recordings for all sections of the standards manual.
  • Increase the amount of suggestions and tips from surveyors.

The content of the web-based training remains similar to that of the in-person version. They include presentations from CARF staff and surveyors and, in addition to addressing each section of the manual, cover topics such as the value of accreditation for different stakeholders, an overview of the accreditation process, tips to prepare for a CARF survey, and real-world examples of conformance to the standards.

The 2017 Medical Rehabilitation Standards Manual is available at, and the web-based training modules can now be purchased at Questions about the pilot format, how to purchase, or how to submit feedback should be directed to the CARF Education and Training unit at (888) 281-6531 or

4/27/2017 8:10:00 AM

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