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CARF accreditation recognized by Alberta Ministry of Health and Wellness

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -- September 10, 2009 -- The Ministry of Health and Wellness in Alberta has recognized CARF accreditation as a choice for Alberta Health Services, the regional health authority for the province.

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) has been accrediting health and human services in Canada since 1969. Responding to increasing demand for accreditation, CARF Canada was incorporated in 2002 and opened an office in Edmonton, Alberta. A CARF Canada office in Ottawa, Ontario, opened the same year to serve eastern Canada.

CARF currently accredits more than 2,500 programs across Canada in the areas of medical rehabilitation, behavioural health, employment and community services, child and youth services, and aging services.

In a letter to CARF recognizing its accreditation as a choice for Alberta Health Services, Minister of Health and Wellness Ron Liepert wrote, "The Ministry will accept CARF as a satisfactory accrediting organization for Alberta's health system."

Minister Liepert continued, "Accreditation’s emphasis on best practices in quality management supports our government’s goals for improving quality and safety in Alberta’s health system."

"We are gratified by the Ministry’s confidence in CARF accreditation,” Brian J. Boon, Ph.D., president/CEO of CARF, said. “The accreditation process is a dynamic collaboration between the service provider and CARF’s continuous quality improvement process."

Consultation is the hallmark of CARF accreditation. The process begins when a service provider consults with a CARF resource specialist about the CARF survey that leads to accreditation. Throughout the provider’s preparation for a survey, the resource specialist remains available for guidance and technical assistance. During the on-site survey, CARF surveyors, who are recognized as knowledgeable and respected experts in the health and human services field, offer consultation to help the service provider improve its service quality and focus on results.

CARF Canada has prepared a brochure highlighting the benefits of CARF accreditation. For information about the CARF accreditation process and to receive a complimentary copy of the brochure, call June Korbisser at the CARF Canada office in Edmonton, (780) 429-2533 or toll free (877) 434-5444.

9/10/2009 12:05:00 AM

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