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  • Frequently asked questions about CARF DMEPOS accreditation

    How is a standards manual obtained? 

    By downloading the DMEPOS standards manual (PDF).

    What are the possible accreditation decisions? 

    Three-Year Accreditation, One-Year Accreditation, Provisional Accreditation, and Nonaccreditation.

    Are accreditation decisions reported to CMS? 

    Yes. CARF submits reports to CMS that contain information about all suppliers that apply for CARF accreditation.

    Can DMEPOS be blended with other CARF programs? 

    No. The DMEPOS survey is a standalone survey and may not be blended with other CARF programs.

    How do I apply for DMEPOS accreditation? 

    Contact us toll free at (888) 281-6531, ext. 7115, or

    What are the credentials and expertise of CARF DMEPOS surveyors? 

    CARF surveyors are peers in the field dedicated to accreditation and continuous quality improvement. All surveyors are objective professionals with significant DMEPOS experience. Surveyor candidates are trained on the standards and survey processes and other information relevant to surveying. Candidates must successfully complete the training before they begin conducting surveys.

    Because DMEPOS credentials vary from state to state, CARF does not specify particular credentials as a prerequisite to surveying, but expects each surveyor to meet the requirements of his or her state.

    What assistance does CARF provide in helping DMEPOS suppliers prepare for a survey? 

    A CARF resource specialist will answer suppliers' questions about the accreditation and survey processes, standards interpretation, fees, and the survey application until the application is submitted. CARF does not provide consultation after the survey application is submitted. Submission of the survey application confirms the supplier's readiness for the DMEPOS survey, which is always unannounced and may occur at any time.

    I have not supplied DMEPOS to any Medicare beneficiaries; can I be accredited? 

    Yes. But you must be able to demonstrate conformance to the standards through the provision of DMEPOS to persons other than Medicare beneficiaries.

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