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  • Aging Services Network

    An ASN consists of two or more entities with formal contracts or under common ownership that cooperate with each entity regarding the delivery of multiple levels of care to persons served. An ASN:

    • Provides access to and coordination of services based on the needs of the persons served and expectations of other stakeholders.
    • Improves coordination of services.
    • Improves effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.
    • Cooperates with the participating providers regarding:
      • Integrated strategic planning.
      • Financial resource coordination.
      • Service provision.
      • Geographic areas served.
      • Development, improvement, and sanctioning of participating providers. 

    Participating providers in the ASN:

    • Have a philosophy of service delivery for the persons served.
    • Have a code of ethics regarding:
      • Business.
      • Financial practices.
      • Marketing.
      • Clinical practices.
    • Show adherence to public disclosure of performance for each participating provider.
    • Have a mechanism to facilitate coordinated strategic and financial planning.
    • Have agreements regarding business and care delivery practices.
    • Are operationally linked through referral and contracts to coordinate care and provide services to the same persons served.
    • Are defined by contracts/agreements that identify, at a minimum:

      • Geographic service coverage.
      • Programs and services offered.
      • Populations served.
      • Financial relationships between the participating providers.

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