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  • Employee Assistance

    Employee assistance programs are work-site focused programs designed to assist:

    • Work organizations in addressing productivity issues.
    • Employee clients in identifying and resolving personal concerns (including, but not limited to, health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal issues) that may affect job performance.

    Employee assistance program services (EAP services) may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Consultation with, training of, and assistance to work organization leadership (managers, supervisors, and union stewards) seeking to manage the troubled employee, enhance the work environment, and improve employee job performance and outreach to and education of employees and their family members about availability of EAP services.
    • Confidential and timely problem identification and/or assessment services for clients with personal concerns that may affect job performance.
    • Use of constructive confrontation, motivation, and short-term intervention with employee clients to address problems that affect job performance.
    • Referral of employee clients for diagnosis, treatment, and assistance, plus case monitoring and follow-up services.
    • Assistance to work organizations in managing provider contracts and in establishing and maintaining relations with service providers, managed care organizations, insurers, and other third-party payers.
    • Assistance to work organizations in providing support for employee health benefits covering medical and behavioral problems, including, but not limited to, alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental and emotional behaviors.
    • Identification of the effects of EAP services on the work organization and individual job performance.

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