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  • Community Youth Development

    Community youth development programs are designed to help persons served optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency in order to live successfully in the community. Activities are determined by the needs of the persons served. The persons served are active partners in all aspects of these programs. The setting may be informal to reduce barriers between personnel and program participants and may include a drop-in center, an activity center, a day program, or a leisure or recreational setting such as a camp program.

    Community youth development programs provide opportunities for persons served to participate in the community. The program defines the scope of these services based on the identified needs and desires of the youth served. A person may participate in a variety of community life experiences, including:

    • Leisure or recreational activities.
    • Communication activities.
    • Spiritual activities.
    • Cultural activities.
    • Sports.
    • Vocational pursuits.
    • Development of work attitudes.
    • Employment activities.
    • Volunteerism.
    • Educational and training activities.
    • Development of living skills.
    • Health and wellness promotion.
    • Socialization.
    • Orientation, mobility, and destination training.
    • Access and utilization of public transportation.
    • Financial assistance and planning.

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