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  • Diversion/Intervention

    Diversion/Intervention programs may include programs traditionally thought of as intervention that focus on changing outcomes for persons served and targeting antecedents of the problem. Diversion programs utilize strategies designed to intervene with at-risk or identified individuals to reduce or eliminate identified concerns. Within the child welfare field, examples include alternative response, differential response, or multiple response systems. Diversion/Intervention programs may serve persons on a voluntary and/or involuntary basis. Programs that serve persons on an involuntary basis are designed to implement special strategies for engaging this population.

    Diversion programs may include programs such as juvenile justice/court diversion, substance abuse diversion, truancy diversion, DUI/OWI classes, report centers, home monitoring, after-school tracking, anger management, and building healthy relationships.

    Intervention programs target persons who are exhibiting early signs of identified problems and are at risk for continued or increased problems.

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