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  • Foster Family and Kinship Care

    Foster/kinship care is provided under a contract or agreement for the placement of a child/youth in a family setting outside the birth or adoptive family home. Foster/kinship care is provided to a child/youth who has been removed from his or her home and placed within a family setting temporarily until the child/youth is able to be reunited with the family or until it has been determined that another family-type setting or living environment is in the best interest of the child/youth. The courts are often involved in establishing this relationship.

    Foster/kinship care is comprehensive and establishes a system of supports and services for the child/youth, the family of origin, and the foster/kinship family. Programs assist foster and/or kinship families to recognize their strengths and abilities to effect change for the child/youth and family in order to establish stability in the life of the child/youth. Foster/kinship care may include relative care, preadoption placements, or care in parent/counselor homes. In Canada this would include such programs as out of care options and general foster care homes.

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