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  • Foster Family Services

    Foster family services are provided under a contract or agreement for the temporary placement of an individual, regardless of age, in a family setting outside the birth or adoptive family home. Foster family services are provided to a foster family provider to establish and maintain a home on a temporary basis for the person served. The courts may be involved in establishing this relationship.

    Foster family services are comprehensive and establish a system of supports and services for the individual, the family of origin when appropriate, and the foster family provider. These services focus on establishing stability in the life of the person served.

    Although the “home” is generally the foster family provider’s home or residence, it may also be the home of the person served.

    Some examples of the quality results desired by the different stakeholders of these services/supports include:

    • Temporary placements for persons.
    • Stability in a person’s life.
    • Appropriate matches of persons with foster families.
    • Safe placements.

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