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  • One-Stop Career Center

    The design of One-Stop Career Centers (OSCC) is results oriented and focused on the employment and career development goals of the job seeker. The services are provided in a businesslike environment, and the job seeker is treated with respect as a valued customer. To be successful these services must also consider the personnel needs of the employers in the local job market, the community resources available, and the trends and economic considerations in the labor market. The services will be designed to meet current and future labor market demands, to break the cycle of unemployment and public assistance, and to provide opportunities for skill, educational, and career development for individuals to become productive members of the workforce.

    Partners in the One-Stop Career Center are brought together by congressional mandate. The workforce investment board is led by the business community and establishes the center’s mission and priorities, reviews results, and establishes performance goals. The board selects a responsible operator for each center in its local workforce investment board’s area. It is the designated operator of the center that applies for and maintains accreditation status.

    The One-Stop Career Center ensures that comprehensive services are provided in a seamless manner, meaning that the center has a consolidated, coordinated, and cooperative system of service delivery by its participating partners. Partners are committed to delivering levels of service that strive to exceed customer expectations. One-Stops may be “virtual” as well as co-located in one location.

    A system exists for accountability, reporting of outcomes, and continuous quality improvement, and information regarding outcomes is shared with all stakeholders. The goal is to deliver ever-improving value to persons served and other stakeholders. Services are revised based on input from job seekers, input from employers in the local job market, and the results of the center’s outcomes management system. Information regarding outcomes is shared with all stakeholders for various reasons; e.g., improving services, marketing, and outreach efforts; informing the community of the value of the center to the community; and advocating with decision makers and the community for continued or increased funding.

    The provision of quality One-Stop Career Center services requires an individualized, customer focus. It considers the individual needs of job seekers. It establishes its methods for providing Core, Intensive, and Training levels of services through its individualized planning process. The planning considers the level of services and supports needed for persons to achieve and maintain employment, achieve educational and career development objectives, and sustain each family’s economic well-being.

    Depending upon the level of individual services, the center obtains appropriate information from job seekers, including resources and services they want or require to meet their identified needs, and offers an array of services it provides or arranges for through partnering and affiliations. The center provides individuals with information they can use to make informed choices and career decisions.

    Services often include outreach to potential customers in the community to inform them about available services.

    Some examples of the quality results desired by the different stakeholders of these services include:

    • Easy access to services for job seekers.
    • Responsiveness to employers.
    • Efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility of service delivery.
    • Employment in the local labor market with or without ongoing support.
    • Employment that meets the individual’s desires and goals.
    • Wages, hours per week, and benefits at a level required to maintain the family.
    • Employment services that result in job retention and advancement in position, earnings, and/or benefits.
    • Career development, including education and training, as desired.

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