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  • Personal Supports Services

    Personal supports services are designed to provide instrumental assistance to persons and/or families served. They may also support or facilitate the provision of services or the participation of the person in other services/programs, such as employment or community integration services. The services are supports that are not provided by skilled healthcare providers (please see the Glossary for a definition of skilled healthcare provider), are primarily delivered in the home or community, and typically do not require individualized or in-depth service planning.

    Services can include direct personal care supports such as personal care attendants and housekeeping and meal preparation services; services that do not involve direct personal care supports such as transporting persons served, information and referral services, translation services, senior centers, programs offering advocacy and assistance by professional volunteers (such as legal or financial services), training or educational activities (such as English language services); music therapy; recreation therapy; mobile meal services; or other support services, such as supervising visitation between family members and parent aides.

    A variety of persons may provide these services/supports other than a program’s staff, such as volunteers and subcontractors.

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