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  • Transition Services (TS)

    Transition services are integrated, community-oriented, systematic services for students/transition-age youth and their families provided through a jointly planned approach, involving broad-based community collaboration, linkages, advocacy, and natural supports.

    Transition services/supports are planned and coordinated for multiple outcomes for youths leaving school, including postsecondary education, supported education, vocational assessments and targeted training, community employment (including supported employment and volunteer placement), independent or supported living, and community participation. The organization demonstrates early active outreach to and connection and partnership with school districts to address the transition needs of students and their families. The purpose of this collaboration and early planning is focused on ensuring that transition-age youth are not “missed” as they move from one system to another.

    Some examples of the quality results desired by the different stakeholders of these services include:

    • Community-oriented services.
    • Postsecondary education.
    • Transition-age youth move directly from their educational environment into community employment.
    • Transition-age youth explore alternative community employment situations.
    • Access to targeted vocational training or apprenticeships.
    • Independent or supported living.
    • Community participation.
    • Employment.
    • Volunteer placement.
    • Connections to community resources.
    • Appropriate benefits/supports as persons leave school.

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