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  • Detoxification

    Detoxification treatment means the dispensing of an opioid agonist treatment medication in decreasing doses to the persons served to alleviate adverse physical or psychological effects incident to withdrawal from the continuous or substantial use of an opioid drug and as a method of bringing the person served to a drug-free state within such a period. A short-term detoxification is up to 30 days, and a long-term detoxification is from 31 to 180 days.

    Detoxification (detox) services are intended to help the persons served reduce or eliminate their use of illicit drugs while improving their quality of life and functioning. Opioid treatment programs follow rehabilitation stages of sufficient duration to meet the needs of the persons served. These stages include initial treatment of zero to seven days in duration, early stabilization lasting up to eight weeks, long-term treatment, medically-supervised withdrawal, detoxification, medical maintenance, and immediate emergency treatment when needed.

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