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  • Recognition letters

    In honor of our 50th anniversary, CARF has received the following recognitions from government officials and partner organizations in health and human services. We are honored and appreciative of our International Advisory Committee (IAC) members and other officials and organizations that support us in our mission.

    Doug Ducey, Governor of the State of Arizona

    "I, Douglas A. Ducey, Governor of the State of Arizona, do hereby recognize the 50th anniversary of CARF International in addition to its continuous efforts to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process and continuous improvement services that center on enhancing lives of persons served."

    View the full State of Arizona Commendation

    John McCain, United States Senator

    "Surely this impressive organization deserves special recognition for the positive contributions it has and continues to make in Tucson, Arizona, and indeed throughout the world."

    View the full letter from U.S. Senator John McCain

    Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

    "CARF's commitment to excellence sets high standards, which enables Goodwill to deliver superior, valuable programs and services. Their standards help organizations to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery, ultimately resulting in consumer satisfaction and outstanding performance."

    View the full letter from Jim Gibbons, president/CEO

    American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

    "No organization has had more impact than CARF in raising the bar and promoting excellence in rehabilitation. We at ACRM continue to admire and applaud the commitment of CARF to promote the highest values and field-driven standards through its exemplary peer-review process and ongoing consultation, education and information services."

    View the full letter from Douglas Katz, M.D., president

    Brain Injury Association of America

    "Through its development of industry standards that set the bar for best practices in rehabilitation service delivery for people with brain injury nationwide and internationally, we believe CARF makes a significant contribution to the Brain Injury Association of America's mission to advance awareness, research, treatment, and education that improves the quality of life for all people affected by brain injury."

    View the full letter from Susan Connors, president and CEO

    American Therapeutic Recreation Association

    "CARF has had a tremendous impact on the quality of care in rehabilitation over these years. We appreciate and want to acknowledge CARF's commitment to quality care, active treatment and the highest standards of best practices. CARF's emphasis on the core values of autonomy, empowerment and self-determination are values ATRA strongly supports."

    View the full letter from Dawn De Vries,D.H.A., M.P.A., president

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

    "The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons salutes and congratulates CARF on its 50th Anniversary. We thank you for the many contributions made in the accreditation field, and we wish you continued success in the coming years."

    View the full letter from David Teuscher, M.D., president

    Mountain Valley Developmental Services

    "During its five decades, CARF has significantly advanced the quality of services for persons with disabilities throughout the United States and Canada. Within our organization, application of the standards has provided guidance that has enabled us to continuously improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of the supports that we have provided to more than four thousand individuals during our almost thirty year affiliation with CARF."

    View the full letter from Bruce Christensen, executive director

    American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence

    "This is my method of extending my gratitude to you and your colleagues for so many years of support. I look forward to continuing our work in the years to come. You have a wonderful organization with great people and I am very pleased that we are policy partners."

    View the full letter from Mark Parrino, president

    National Council for Behavioral Health

    "In an increasingly complex, competitive and measurement based healthcare environment, accreditation is a sound clinical and business investment. We applaud CARF for their leadership and we are grateful for their partnership."

    View the full letter from Linda Rosenberg, CEO

    Ontario Long Term Care Association

    "Now more than ever, the focus on quality improvement in long-term care is critical to our success in meeting the needs of today and tomorrow’s long-term care residents."

    View the full letter from Candace Chartier, CEO

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