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The CARF Connection blog, previously distributed in the form of a newsletter, provides timely tips, resources, and updates about CARF accreditation, business practices, and related matters. Learn about current trends in the fields that CARF accredits, improving services, and the latest CARF news.

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Accreditation supports a balanced response to COVID-19 in senior living

Where regulatory oversight is varied by state and inconsistent, the CARF standards can position assisted living providers to prepare for and respond to a pandemic.



Social Workers: Generations Strong

March is Social Work Month. This year's theme, Social Workers: Generations Strong, honors the powerful, positive impact the profession has had on society.



When the opioid crisis comes home

When an opioid treatment program opens its doors in a residential area, its neighbors may have concerns, but these programs are providing life-saving treatment that will ultimately strengthen the community.



Checking on progress: The Family First Prevention Services Act

In February of 2018, Congress passed the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), also known as the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, to help children at risk of entering the foster-care system to remain safely with their family members whenever possible.



10 tips: How unpaid caregivers can beat burnout

With a growing aging population, many adult children and other loved ones step up to provide care, but family caregivers take on a significant amount of work in addition to regular jobs and family responsibilities, which can lead to extreme burnout.



Addressing social determinants with higher standards

Social determinants of health (SDH) are the conditions in which people live, work, and age and include factors like housing stability, employment status, geographic location, education, and other socioeconomic circumstances. SDH, often determined by distribution of wealth and resources, has proven responsible for inequities in healthcare and has become its biggest cost-driver.



Alternatives to opioids, continued: The Community Integration Pain Rehabilitation model

Using options like acupuncture, physical fitness, pottery, and more within an organized community-based program can help people reduce reliance on opioids



Alternatives to opioids, continued: Understanding the nature of pain

In October, we highlighted some emerging medtech options that may help reduce reliance on opioids for pain management. Next in our series on pain management in the context of the current opioid crisis, we examine the deeper issue of the nature of pain itself.



Elevating social work

By CARF International

The CARF Connection blog often discusses integrative services and ways to approach a person in a holistic way. In other words, we focus on many of the things that social workers have been advocating since the era of Jane Addams in the 1890s. It is no wonder that CARF’s workforce is teeming with social work professionals.

This March, CARF joins the National Association of Social Workers in celebrating social workers.



Answering your questions about methadone

Answers to 7 frequently asked questions about methadone. Is methadone an opioid? How does methadone work? What is methadone used for? Find the answers here.


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