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CARF's 50th Anniversary Guestbook

Please post your regards, thoughts, and comments about CARF's 50th anniversary below. You comments will appear within one business day. Browse other guest's comments as well.

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Happy 50th to the CARF organization and to the surveyors and staff who add value to who we are and what we do for our students at TRC.

Pat Wade, Smyrna, TN
Tennessee Rehabilitation Center

I love to see the artwork that is created by persons being served! It's always awe-inspiring!! Thanks for sending it out!!

Linda Rimmer, Orlando, FL
Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, Inc.

Perfect way to celebrate! thanks for hosting this on-line exhibit!
Please advise how to have pieces from MossRehab's permanent collection of works created by professional artists who have physical disabilities included in this artwork event.. MossRehab would love to participate! thanks

Julie Hensler-Cullen, Elkins Park, PA

Congratulations to all of you at CARF! It has been my pleasure to work with you and alongside you during three accreditations with two different companies.
I wish you continued success.

Janet McGonagle, Dedham, MA
Riverside Community Care

Congratulations on your growth and success over the first 50 years. Best Wishes for another outstanding 50.

Christopher Rawn-Kane, Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Alzheimer Society Peel

Happy Anniversary CARF!!!! Thanks to everyone for their commitment to quality and improvement. Proud to say I’ve worked in the Behavioral Rehabilitation field for 23 years. Working for two outstanding companies that have strong core values in helping to achieve the standards that have been set by CARF.

Martha (Janie) Dailey, Berryville Va.
Grafton Integrated Health Network

CARF has accomplished so much in 50 years and for the future in healthcare around the world. A well deserved "Thank You" and "Congratulations" in the successful efforts to advocate, protect, and promote consistent quality healthcare for all persons served.

Sigmund Hough, Ph.D., ABPP, Boston
SCI Service, VA Boston Healthcare System

Congratulations on 50 Years! We are one of the newly accredited organizations and I can attest to the fact that the investment of effort and resources into preparing and achieving our accreditation have been well worth it! We continue to identify opportunities for improvement, engagement and quality development of our care and services to our residents. Congratulations on your success and we look forward to our continued participation in the accreditation process.

Senior Leadership Team,
The Elliott Community.

Trevor Lee, Guelph, ON Canada
The Elliott Community

Congrats on the 50 years! I've been surveyed for a good chunk of those years, and aware of CARF for much longer, because my Uncle Mike Leahy from Michigan State University has been a surveyor - going way back to when he worked at Crossroads in Indianapolis. In recent years, I've benefited from excellent teaching of the new standards as they have rolled out, year after year by Becky Bazzarre (Lifetrack in Saint Paul), and Claire Courtney (surveyor from MN). As stressful as the preparation can be, I have come to enjoy meeting the visiting surveyors and learn about their backgrounds and the state of the art practices they have come across.

John Hoffman, Lindstrom, MN, USA
Rise, Inc.

Congratulations CARF on your 50th Anniversary! Your many years of accreditation excellence are to be commended. Best wishes for many more!

Amanda Birch, Jacksonville, FL

We have known of CARF for the last 10 years and have benefited from that knowledge in the last 2 years. Now we are part of the family. Thanks and Congratulations on your Golden Anniversary: 50 years of contribution to the development of quality services globally is a significant accomplishment! All the best from Singapore.

Abhimanyau Pal, Singapore

Happy Anniversary to CARF. Thank you for your contribution and commitment to ensure that quality mental health services are provided around the world.

Cheryl Spooner, Baton Rouge, LA
LA Outreach Services

I know you are proud of your organization and what it has become. Our facility is proud to be a part of, and proud to be accredited by CARF. We wish you the best and a warm congratulations on 50 years of excellent service. We strive to provide safe and great quality care and your organization enables us to accomplish that. Thank you.

Dell Guerra, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The Serenity Center of Louisiana

Congratulations on 50 yrs of service to the recovery community. Thank you for helping our organization maintain excellent standards of recovery services to our co-occurring drug and alcohol disorder program and our participants.

Jerry Brown, Los Angeles & Orange County CA
Social Model Recovery Systems, Inc.

Happy 50th Anniversary CARF! Our agency became accredited just 2 1/2 years ago and as a result, we can clearly see the difference it has made in improving our agency practices and ultimately the lives of persons served.

Sandra Shannon, MD
Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services, Inc

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary and wishing you continued success in the years to come!

Nadine O'Connor, Morris, IL
Illinois Valley Industries, Inc.

Thank you to CARF International and all the folks who have helped us grow as an organization. We look forward to the surveyors' input during their visits. We will continue to maintain CARF's high standards and our client-centered focus. Congratulations on 50 years of a job well done!

Dr. Ric Jerez
Owner and Clinical Director
Open Arms Behavioral Health
Lawton, OK

Ric Jerez, 2215 NW Cache Rd. Ste 107, Lawton, OK
Open Arms Behavioral Health

Thank you for all of your help in maintaining high standards at all treatment facilities. We will continue to strive to meet and exceed them.
Congratulations on 50 Years!
Thomas C. Puzo
Chairman, President, and C.E.O.

Thomas Puzo , Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY
Medical Arts Sanitarium, Inc.

Congratulations on 50 amazing years of growth and accomplishments. Proud to have worked in a CARF accredited
facility for the past 26 years.

Pam Wilson, Columbia, SC
Morris Village SC Dept. Mental Health

Congratulations and Happy 50th Anniversary to the team at CARF! We were recently accredited and we are proud to be a member of CARF!

Monica Steyer, Woodbridge, CT
Konedu Home Care, LLC

Congratulations, CARF! I have only been with this wonderful organization for almost nine years, but in that time, I have experienced growth in myself along with the continued growth of CARF. This is strong leadership. This is excellence in action!

BethAnne Algie, Florida

OFA extends Congratulations and Happy 50th Anniversary to CARF's staff and surveyors. We are proud to be a CARF accredited agency.

Patti Loukiswa, New Jersey
Opportunities For All, Inc.

Congrats on your 50th Anniversary. Great accomplishments since inception. Thanks for all your hard work for the all the persons served over the last 50 years. Keep up the great work!

Bill O'Neill, Toronto Canada
Kensington Health Centre

There is no doubt that CARF provides a consciousness to our organization and we know that our work is never ever really ever done. Thank you for you commitment and hard work each and every year.

Johnie Guerra, Corpus Christi, TX
Veteran Administation

Congratulations to a wonderful organization that does such important work for so many people who are served by CARF accredited care providers. I have been a CARF surveyor for five years and it has been one of the best experiences of my career. I have enjoyed every minute....another great milestone for CARF!

Darla Matheson, Toronto, ON
The Kensington Health Centre

Congratulations to the CARF team and happy anniversary!

Susanne Bjurman, Umea, Sweden
Painrehabilitation, Neurocentrum, Universityhospital of Umea

Many congratulations on your anniversary and continued success into the future :)
Proud to be an accredited member!

Valerie Twomey, Ireland
National Rehabilitation Hospital

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!

Hans Bennebrant, Luleå Sweden
Sunderby hospital Luleå

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, CARF!

Nick Phillips, Vancouver, BC
The Bloom Group Community Services Society

Happy Anniversary! It has been a pleasure to be associated and accredited with CARF for the past 7 years!

Becky Smith, Lenox, Iowa
Pursuit of Independence

Have been involved with CARF activities since 2000, and became a Medical Rehabilitation Surveyor in 2006. I still proudly serve as a surveyor. Here's to another 50 years, CARF!

Timothy Williams, Dallas, Texas
UT Southwestern Medical Center's Zale-Lipshy University Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation

Congratulations to CARF, It has been a great experience over the past 16 years, helping our agency to provide excellent service to the citizens of our community in Beaufort, SC.

Areatha Hamilton, Beaufort, SC
Beaufort County Alcohol and Drug

Congratulations on your many accomplishments! 50 years is amazing! We have had some great survey teams come through our agency, very knowledgeable and helpful. We are very proud to be accredited by CARF! Best Wishes!

Lorel Brown, Vernon, BC Canada
North Okanagan Youth & Family Services Society

Happy Anniversary!!! You have always done a great job and it has been my pleasure to work in four CARF accredited Rehab hospitals/facilities over my rehab career!!

Cookie Gender, Texarkana, TX
CHRISTUS St Michael Rehabilitation Hospital

Proud to have been a part of the CARF accreditation process here at Freedom Recovery Center. We strive to provide superior services to those we serve, and CARF has helped us continue to do just that. On behalf of Freedom Recovery Center, thank you!

Jade Jeske, Prescott, AZ
Freedom Recovery Center

Congratulations to the CARF Team. We are excited to have received our Three-Year Accreditation this year and proud to be a member of CARF. Best wishes for many more years of accomplishments and success.

Carole Montgomery, Boston, MA 02121
Roxbury Multi Service Center, Inc.

Congratulations to CARF on 50 years! I have been associated with CARF accredited organizations for over 27 years and been surveying for 10. I am appreciative of the collaborative philosophy that is used by CARF to identify benchmarks and quality standards that are accepted and adapted in the field. Listing to all stakeholders makes sure that the standards that are being developed truly represent what is accepted practice and quality.

Christine Camene, St. Louis, MO USA

Congratulations! We are also proud to say that HDC has been an accredited agency for 20 years now! Happy Anniversary to all!

Samuel Gangi, Duluth, MN
Human Development Center

Congrats, on the 50 years and for a job well done.

Ken Clark, North Carolina

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!

Traci Gross, Portland, IN

Congratulations for your 50 anniversary. I've known CARF since 1998 from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have been working with the safety CARF standards since that time. I really appreciate your effort to give us the tools to improve the quality of service and provide to our customers and effective Blind Rehabilitation program. Thanks again for your great effort.

Connie Zambrano
Blind Rehabilitation Specialist
West Palm Beach VA Medical Center

Constanza Zambrano, West Palm Beach
VA Blind Rehabilitation Center

Have been through CARF Surveys since 1980 and have found them helpful in assuring effective services to persons with disabilities. Keep up the good work!

Thomas Peck, Saginaw, MI
Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority

I am happy to be a surveyor for the last 17 years. Warm wishes and many congratulations on the 50th anniversary of an excellent organization! May the next 50 years be filled with growth and excellence!

Suzanne Smith, Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations on 50 years of service. I greatly appreciated the survey team that came to CFLC. Professional, helpful, and very easy to work with. They were experienced and gave us a lot of insight.

Beth Martin, Hemet, CA
California Family Life Center

Congratulations on 50 years of helping organizations comply with the CARF standards and ensuring quality services are delivered to persons served! I have experienced 7 surveys since joining the Lakestate team and with each occasion I was able to learn and benefit from the different surveyors assigned to our agency. Always a positive and rewarding experience!

LuAnn Hay, Escanaba MI
Lakestate Industries

Happy Anniversary to CARF! As a surveyor for a very short time and a staff member of several accredited agencies, it has been a great pleasure learning about quality through my CARF experiences. WELL DONE!!!

Linda Lewis, Pittsburgh
Jewish Residential Service

Congrats on the significant anniversary! I often reflect fondly on my 21 years as a surveyor; it was significant in my professional development and also (I hope!) helpful to the organizations I had the privilege to survey. Keep up the great work!

Don Hespell, Illinois
Cornerstone Services

Congratulations on your 50th, it is an honour to work with you.

Leigh Croxford, Maple Ridge British Columbia
Arcus Community Resources

Congratulations on achieving this milestone!!

Bradley Moss, Huntsville, AL.
Behavioral Healthcare Center at Huntsville

Congratulations on reaching 50 years. Just as you have grown, you have helped us to grow in the past 6 years. We thank you and wish you much continue success.

Shalanda Robinson, La Porte, IN
Parents and Friends, Inc.

Congratulations CARF for the first 50 years. May CARF continue to grow and prosper. Our company has benefitted from the expertise of the staff in OTP.

Jo Beth Rickard, Tomball, Texas
Counseling and Recovery Services

Congratulations on 50 years of helping nonprofits commit to enhancing the lives of individuals through quality, accountable and successful services so that those we serve can live their "best lives ever". Over 15 years ago, we became accredited through CARF and it truly gave us the foundation we needed to grow our services.

Karen Brown, Springfield, Virginia
Brain Injury Services

I am honored to be a part of CARF International!

Leslie Quarles, Missouri
MERS Goodwill

Congratulations on your 50 years!!

Franseca Kitajima, Los Angeles

Proud to be a provider.

William Eaddy, Florence, SC
Carolinas Rehabilitation Hospital

Happy 50th Anniversary CARF! We are proud to be a part of the CARF "family". We just recently received our 3-year accreditation certificate. Thanks again for your outstanding contributions to home and community services!

Monica Chirila, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Abby Road Housing Co-op

Congratulations to a great organization and all of those who have contributed to its success. Happy 50th

Jeannette Anderson , Terrace BC
Terrace and District Community Services Society

Congratulations to CARF for reaching this significant milestone in your organization's history! We are proud to be associated with your organization, and our long term care homes continue to provide quality, respectful person centred care with the great assistance of our CARF - Partners! Thank you. Happy 50th!

Cathi Allison, Rural Ontario
Provincial Long Term Care

Congratulations to an excellent organization that excels in helping other organizations become and remain EXCELLENT!

Sigmund Hough, Boston
VA Boston Healthcare System/HArvard Medical School/Boston University School of Medicine, private practice

As an MMT Patient & Advocate, I just want to say how thankful I am for CARF and the hard work and dedication that goes into helping to ensure Quality Treatment. Thank you!

Happy 50th!!!!!!

Abby Coulter , Morgantown WV
MMTSA Org. (Methadone Maintenance Treatment Support & Awareness)

I congratulate Brian, the staff, the Board and all the providers of high quality services upon reaching this important milestone in the life of CARF. You have underscored both integrity and growth in the global field of health and human services. It has been a consummate pleasure to have been associated with CARF International and CARF Canada over 20 remarkable years. I wish you the very best future.

Stanley Eichenauer, Dayton, Ohio
Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services board for Montgomery County

Happy 50th Anniversary!!

Berneatha Hill, Sacramento CA

Muchas felicidades en estos 50 años! Aprovecho la oportunidad de agradecer el compromiso, apoyo, y dedicion que entregan en post de mejorar los servicios de salud que entregan nuestras instituciones.

Congratulations on 50 years! I take this opportunity to appreciate your commitment, support, and dedication to improve the health services provided by our institutions.

Alberto Altamirano, Punta Arenas, Chile
Corporación de Rehabilitación Club de Leones Cruz del Sur

Happy 50th Anniversary CARF! We are proud to be a part of the CARF "family". We're having our CARF re-accreditation survey today. Fingers crossed for a good outcome! Best wishes from all at Harrison Associates.

Helen Sandell, London, UK
Harrison Associates

Congratulations on 50 years of ensuring quality care for so many! CARF has continually propelled HAS to its status as a premiere provider in the Chicago area by promoting the highest standards of care. Thank you!

Alicia Mandolini, Chicago IL
Healthcare Alternative Systems, Inc. (HAS)

Leading the way to quality for 50 years is most impressive.
Working in CARF accredited facilities for over 30 years has impacted my life and the lives of those around me both professionally and personally.
Thank you for shining the light on what really matters.

Teresa Hoffman, Johnstown, PA
Crichton Rehabilitation Center

Congratulations to the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) on its 50th anniversary of supporting excellence in care and accountability for patients, providers and payers! We believe that CARF’s mission to promote “quality, value, and optimal outcomes” through a collaborative and continuous improvement process greatly advances quality of care and overall health and well-being.

Board of Professional Affairs
American Psychological Association

Diane Pedulla, Washington, DC
American Psychological Association

Congratulations to CARF for celebrating its 50th!
Next up your centennial!!!

Mike Soto, Villa Hermosa, Tucson, AZ
Senior Resource Group (SRG)

Congratulations on the occasion of your 50th anniversary.

50 years of enhancing the quality of life for persons served, their families, enriching their lives and our communities. We are thankful for the outstanding contributions CARF has made and look forward to the next 50 years with eager anticipation.


Susan Herrin, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
The Whole Person

Congrats on the 50th Anniversary. Thank you for changing the image of care delivery system internationally. The work that has been accomplished by CARF has enhanced the quality of life for persons served, their families, and communities. Because of your commitment to changing lives, the world has become a better place for those who use the services. May the future brighten the pathway of excellence as we continue to explore ways to impact the world even more. Once again, CONGRATS on your 50th anniversary.


Congratulations CARF International on your 50 year anniversary, which commemorates 50 years of excellence, 50 years of enhancing value-driven services for the persons served, and 50 years of standards enhancement in the fields of medical rehabilitation, behavioral health, blind rehabilitation, opioid treatment, child & youth services, and employment and community services. Thanks again for your outstanding contributions to health and human services!

Thurston Smith, Memphis Tennessee

Congratulations on CARF's 50th anniversary! Thank you for the growing and learning opportunities that support providing quality care to the person served.

Rosemary Cameron, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Deerfield Florda House

Happy Anniversary CARF!! On behalf of PLEA Community Services Society of BC I wish to congratulate you on 50 years of excellent service. We have been a part of the CARF network since 2009 and your standards are very much embedded in the fabric of our agency. Every site visit has been a positive experience for all and extremely worthwhile. You have many amazing people in your organization and you should be proud of important work you do. Congratulations on this milestone.

Tim Veresh, BC
PLEA Community Services Soxciety of BC

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Thank you for your surveys which allow us to continue to improve the quality of our care, improve our processes and strive for the provision of resident-centred care.

Julienne Latham, Burton Manor
Primacare Living Solutions

Congratulations on achieving this significant milestone! We appreciate the direction and support you've provided us in enabling us to continually improve our care and service delivery systems and processes for our clients and staff.

Beverley John, Oakville, Canada
Nucleus Independent Living

Congratulations on 50 years of making providers better through the implementation of your standards. Working together we are making a difference in people's lives.
Best Wishes on the next 50 years!!

Barbara Fowkes, Michigan
Spectrum Community Services


Kara Bhakuni, Canton, OH
Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc.

Congratulations for all the years of good work and for making a difference in worldwide Rehabilitation!

Christina Brito, Sao Paulo
Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo and Hospital Sírio-Libanês

Congratulations to the staff and volunteers of CARF as you celebrate this milestone! We Care Arts is deeply appreciative of you, and the surveyors, for the ongoing support, encouragement, and ideas that have helped us to ensure that the people we serve are treated with the utmost of dignity, respect, and care.
We look forward to continuing to work together in the future!

Terry Schalnat, Dayton, Ohio
We Care Arts

Congratulations to CARF for 50 years of leading the field in providing a person centered, individualized approach to service delivery. Individuals have moved from institutional care to a nation wide system of community based care of which, we can all celebrate! I commend CARF staff and surveyors who have worked for the organization past and present, who truly believe and stand for... the worth of all individuals.

Stan Gramke, Auburn Hills MI.
New Horizons

Congratulations, very big milestone. We wish you continued success and thank you for giving us direction.

Bruce Fasel, Gaylord, MI
Community Home & Health Services

Happy Anniversary CARF!! On behalf of ENCAAS we wish to congratulate you on 50 years of excellent service to the international community of quality human services. You have assisted us to improve our services every year and we thank you. You have many amazing people in your organization and you should be proud of your team and the wonderful work you do. It has been an honor to be part of your journey!
Mona Aldoff
Eagle Nest Community And Aboriginal Services Ltd.

Mona Aldoff, Prince George, B.C.
Eagle Nest Community And Aboriginal Services Ltd

Congratulations CARF from all of the CVR staff! Keep up the excellent work!

Jackie Pidich, New Jersey
Center for Vocational Rehabilitation

On behalf of my entire organization TT&T Services, Inc., we extend our heartiest congratulations to CARF International for completing 50 glorious years of success. CARF has always been on the top of the list for serving the community with your unselfish services.

Companies like CARF with a brilliant team of dedicated staff and with a friendly work environment can only aim for high results. Working with CARF has been a real honor and we value each and every survey.
With CARF’s commitment and sincerity CARF has time and time again proved its worth and have gained the much deserved recognition..
With your services, the community has gained a lot. CARF has always kept customers satisfaction as its number one priority. Our employees consider it a privilege working with CARF. Not only do you provide a learning platform but you also prove a platform that is driven by a strong commitment to the consultative approach.
We wish CARF all the success for many more years to come. And we hope to continue using CARF as our accrediting body in the future.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Ellerbe-Williams
TT&T Services Inc.
4719 Fayetteville Rd, Lumberton, NC 28358
Quality Assurance and Training Director

Michelle Ellerbe Williams , North Carolina
TT&T Services INC

Happy 50 th Anniversary. Congratulations on 50 years of continuous quality service to persons served.

Dorothy Freeman-Clinkscales, Yale. Va

Keep up the good work.

Michael McMullen, Durham, NC
Community Care Service, LLC

Happy Anniversary CARF!!!! Turnstone Staff wish you many continued years of setting the high standards that we strive to attain for Creating Possibilities for our clients and their families.
I have been involved with CARF through 2 organizations since the early 1980's. I have always found great benefit in the pre-survey and the survey process AND the surveyors have always provided great insights and support in achieving the standards that have been set by the industry. Thanks to EVERYONE for their commitment to quality and improvement.

Cindi Rolleston, Fort Wayne, IN
Turnstone Center

Congratulations on this amazing milestone. We are proud to be apart of the first 50 years and plan to enjoy the next 50 with you as well.

Lisa Reed, Coshocton, Ohio
RHDD, Inc.

Happy Anniversary CARF!
Eastern Sky, PC staff are proud to be a part of CARF and uphold those standards we represent. May CARFs' mission continue to grow and strengthen for a continued 50 years and beyond.
Eastern Sky, PC Staff

Dr. Alice Caldwell, Wilburton
Eastern Sky, PC

We have completed two surveys with CARF and they have both been wonderful experiences. We are getting ready for our third survey and know that we will learn a lot from our surveyors. We are looking forward to the experience. Congratulations on 50 years!!

Rhonda Cooper, 820 S. Post Road, Suite A, Shelby,
Boundless Miracles, LLC

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! An amazing accomplishment.

Brian Van Anne, Fresno, CA
Transitions Children's Services

Congratulations to CARF for 50 years of commitment to quality care!!

Rosemary Duda, VAMC RIchmond
VISOR Program

The staff at EOSATP congratulates CARF for fifty years of providing standards that enhance the quality of services and the lives of persons served

Marsha Walton, East Orange N.J.
East Orange Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Happy 50th, CARF! Thanks for helping us continuously improve our services.

Darren Staley, North Wilkesboro, NC
Life Alliance LLC

We appreciate your leadership in continuing our growth to being a qualified provider of quality services. CARF's efforts assist us in constantly looking at improvement in all our services.

Tom Sinclair, Union, MO
Developmental Services of Franklin County

CARF International is the Worlds finest collection of board members, staff, surveyors and persons served. Our ability to transform the lives of those we serve is so much greater due to CARFs accreditation process and their continuous display to learn and implement preeminent standards to guide programs. We are grateful and wish you the best.

Thomas Buckley, Florida
Lucanus Center

The behavioral health field is better because of CARF. Organizations are improving and therefore better able to help people in need of quality behavioral health care. Thanks for 50 years and may you continue to have many more. I am proud to be apart of CARF. I appreciate to opportunities provided for professional growth and collaboration with peers across the country.

Jeane Chapman, Memphis

Happy Anniversary CARF! Thank you for being part of our success!

Ronn Ross, Decatur, GA
Family and Children Preservation of GA, LLC

We have been involved with CARF for over 15 years and greatly appreciate their commitment to excellence!! The CARF Support Staff & Surveyors we have had always work collabortively with us in supporting us in continuously improving our services to people with disabilities in Michigan. Thank You!!

Theresa Shave, Michigan
L.A.D.D.-Living Alternatives for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc.

So proud to be associated with this organization! We are scheduled for review and are ready to the artwork. How do we submit from our facility?

Antoinette Brindisi, Capo by the Sea

I have met and worked with many wonderful, talented, caring people through my years with CARF. I have many fond memories and have learned so much. CARF really is about people and improving needed services across the country. Happy birthday CARF.

Robert Sprague, Lapeer, Michigan
Lapeer County CMH

Congratulations on 50 years CARF ! You help organizations and providers continually improve the lives of persons served. I value my association with CARF - it has contributed to much professional growth and fulfillment.

Kameron Kieffer, Salt Lake City, Utah
Intermountain Healthcare

Congratulations to CARF for providing such services for 50 years. Thank you for providing standards for organizations like Turnstone so we can apply and provide best practices for persons served. Facilities around the country and world are top notch because of all you do. We just recently completed our 3-year accreditation survey, and it is always an opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you.

Michelle Kimpel, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
Turnstone Center

Congratulations on CARF's 50th anniversary! Our agency has become a stronger organization as a result of being accredited through CARF!

Kayleen Logan, Rock Springs, Wy
Southwest Counseling Services

Thank you for maintaining the standard and ensure quality in healthcare!

Deborah Kinlaw, Warner Robins, GA
Phoenix Center Community Service Board


Judy Linares, California

Congratulations on your 50th year! You look great! ;) Our first survey was a real growth experience. Our new 3 year strategic plan grew out of what we learned and we're really excited about it... couldn't have done it without our great surveyors, and of course, Dawn (CARF), who encouraged us along our path.

Randy Klassen, Fenwick, Ontario, Canada
Mutual Support Systems

Congratulations from the staff of McCloud & Associates, Inc.


Happy Anniversary and thank you for your professionalism and expertise!

John Achinapura, Lantana, FL
Archstone Recovery Center

We appreciate the opportunity to be apart!!!

Tifanie Rudd, Greensboro

Congratulation on 50th Anniversary from OTOP SFGH staff

Hasija Sisic, San Francisco

CARF has been a major part of my professional life for over 16 years now. I also became a surveyor in 2006, with the goal of improving lives of persons served in a global way. I hope that my efforts have lived up to the ideals of CARF.

Timothy Williams, UT Southwestern Inpatient Rehabi
UT Southwestern Medical Center


kathalene bell, chicago illinois
katherine boone robinson foundation

Best regards to CARF on the celebration of its 50th Anniversary,
I am glad that I was able to experience first-hand approximately 25 years of tenure with CARF as apart of the its 50 years. I have seen a lot of changes and quality improvements over the years, and I wish CARF another 50 years of existence. The dynamic CARF leadership is the driving focus of CARF's mission while ensuring that the persons served continue to receive the best optimal services. In addition, CARF truly cares about its surveyors, which all surveyors appreciate.

L. Darnell Olowofoyokeu, Washington, DC
Department of Health Care Finance

Wishing you all a sincere congratulations for 50 years! We all appreciate the friendly and helpful advise that we always receive when we call for suggestions and especially when surveyors review our sites. Not only do the surveyors have great depth in this field, they are very supportive, complimentary and their advice and recommendations help make our company a better and stronger advocate not only for the people we serve but also for our employees. Nice Job!

Mary Dunn, Maine
Charlotte White Center

We have been a CARF accredited organization for over 24 years. CARF has had a huge impact on the quality of our programs and the use of best practices. Congratulations on 50 years and thank you for all you do.

Judy Goik, Bay City, Michigan
McLaren Bay Region

CARF can be proud of its impact on providing guidance to organizations throughout the world that seek to provide quality outcome services to persons with special needs. CARF has through a peer approach developed standards to assure effective services. As a surveyor over the past 22 years I have been honored to be a part of this process.

Stephen Freeman, Pennsylvania
Stephen Freeman Consulting

Quality in services for the community we serve is why COMTREA looks to CARF. Congratulations for fifty years of leading the way!

Katy Murray, Festus, Missouri
Community Treatment Inc., COMTREA

CARF has shaped my career by defining standards based on best practices and instilling high expectations for quality. I am grateful for this experience and congratulate CARF International for the impact they have had on many careers in the past 50 years but especially for the impact they have had on the lives of individuals served.

Nancy Wagner, Lewiston, MN
Yes Works, LLC

The Accreditation is very important and useful to our

willie Fields, Birmingham
VA Medical Center

Great to be part of an organization with some years of experience improving the quality of services we deliver.

Jim Haughey, Springfield MA
Behavioral Health Network

Wow! 50 years is as amazing as the work that you do and have done every day of those 50 years. Chimo is proud to be associated with CARF and even more so the individuals who work on behalf of CARF. Most importantly those individuals work diligently on behalf of the young we serve. Congratulations

Frank Wingrove, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Chimo Youth Retreat Centre

We have been a CARF accredited organization for nearing a decade. It has been such a blessing to our organization. CARF really took us to the next level of professionalism and has allowed us to secure more contracts to provide services. Having this designation assures our stakeholders and our consumers that we exemplify quality and utilize best practices. Happy 50th Anniversary CARF and CARF staff, thank you for all you do.

Corrie Kindyl, Orlando, Florida, USA

CARF has set the bar high and maintained it to challenge organizations to provide excellence in services and programs for 50 years! Happy 50th anniversary.

Virginia DeAngelis, Ph.D., Ridgecrest, California
Desert Area Resources and Training

Thank you for all of your excellent work. Your support and service is greatly appreciated. Happy 50th Anniversary!

Craig McMahon, CEO

Craig McMahon, Glen Ellen, CA
Mountain Vista Farm

Happy 50th Anniversary CARF!
We are proud to be affiliated with and accredited by such a well respected entity! Thank you for helping to make the human service industry a strong and well respected part of the community.

John Neill, Attleboro, MA
The Arc of Bristol County d/b/a proAbility

As both a CARF surveyor and a member of a CARF accredited community, I have learned the tremendous benefit that CARF can bring. I feel fortunate to be part of this exceptional organization. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary!

Beth Grigg, Wheaton, IL

Happy 50th Anniversary!
Thank you for 50 years of dedicated service and wishing you 50 more.

Jamilah Frazier, Charleston, SC
Charleston/Dorchester Mental Health Center

Rehabilitative services to persons have truly improved over the past fifty years and this, in my opinion, has been due to the fact that many organizations have adopted CARF standards of care. Thanks for helping us to improve our services.

Michael Cluts, Texarkana, AR
SW Arkansas Counseling and MHC, Inc.

Congratulations to CARF on providing quality services for 50 years!

Jennifer Stukey, Anchorage Alaska
Narcotic Drug Treatment Center, Inc.

Fifty years is a long time! TEC so appreciates your surveyors' input, suggestions, and consultation. I know we are better because of you! Happy Anniversary!

Sue Schmitter-Motta, Logan, Ohio
The Employment Connection

I've been a Surveyor for 1/2 the time CARF has been in existence. It's been an honor. I'm always impressed by the passion and quality of the programs served and have a deep appreciation of the impact CARF has on the quality of services at CARF accredited organizations.

Ruth Jackson, Santa Maria CA
State of California Dept Rehab

Congratulations! 50 years of aspiring high and always raising the bar for persons served, providers and others in a truly consultative and collaborative manner. Honored to be part of the CARF family of organizations.

Bill Roth, Easton, Maryland
UMSRH Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation

Congratulations on your service to date and your ongoing service for many years to come. We appreciate all that you do to support our efforts to be an organization of excellence.

Sharon Durbin, President & CEO

Sharon Durbin, Springfield, IL
Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries

Thank you for making the Mental Health field and us stronger.

Jerry Greenfield, Evanston, Wyoming
Pioneer Counseling

Best wishes on your 50th Anniversary.

Kim Eicher, Indianapolis, IN
LEL Home Services

Congratulations, with appreciation, of your diligence in promoting excellent care to those we serve.

Mary Beth Moss, Wilkes Barre, PA. 18708
Center for Advanced Rehabilitation

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