Refer a surveyor applicant.
Receive lasting benefits.

Why have a CARF surveyor on staff?


I would tell any CARF-accredited organization to reward key staff and refer them to become a CARF surveyor applicant. The training, networking, and hands-on-experience staff gain as a CARF surveyor provides the kind of unique professional development that will most likely encourage qualified staff to stay longer and grow with your organization--instead of leaving to pursue other opportunities.
Joanne Finegan, MSA, CTRS FDRT
CEO/President, ReMed

Benefits to your organization

  • In-house expert on CARF standards.
  • Complimentary CARF trainings valued at up to $2,400 (restrictions may apply).
  • Exposure to current practices and industry trends.
  • Professional growth and cultivation of leadership skills for staff.
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and practices with field leaders.
  • Opportunity to contribute to CARF standards development.

Benefits to the surveyor

  • Professional growth and development of leadership skills.
  • Influence industry performance and improve service quality.
  • Annual continuing education conference to learn about hot topics and fields trends.
  • Free continuing education webinars.
  • Access to CARF standards manuals, publications, and toolbox of field samples and job aids.
  • Opportunity to contribute to CARF standards development.
  • Connection to international peer groups and professional networks.


One of the perhaps unexpected outcomes of surveying is the development of increased confidence and interpersonal skills as you navigate ways to promote a consultative process. It is personally satisfying to know that your consultation on a survey can lead to service improvements that will impact the lives of persons served.
Lynn Noren, President/CEO
Rise, Incorporated

CARF surveyors on what motivates them

Eligibility requirements

Surveyor requirements

  • Be currently employed in a CARF-accredited organization or employed by a governmental entity that works to improve the quality of human services.
  • Have at least five years of current experience in the field. The experience must be in the program or service area for which the individual is applying to survey or in an administrative or managerial position.
  • Have knowledge of, and experience with, CARF standards.
  • Be available to conduct at least three surveys per calendar year (January 1–December 31), including two surveys within the first six months following completion of training.
  • Not be employed by, or perform any services for, a competing accrediting body.

Please note that the surveyor selection process can take some time.
Applicants will be kept updated of the specific timeframe.

CARF is an Equal Opportunity Employer

CARF is committed to providing equal opportunity in all of its employment practices, including selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, and terms and conditions of employment to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, protected veteran status, disability, ancestry, marital status, familial status, genetic testing, or any other status protected by applicable law.

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