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  • Accreditation services

    As a leader in accreditation, CARF supports providers with a number of services to help guide quality efforts. A sampling of what is available includes:

    1. Resource specialists: Each service provider requesting an accreditation survey is assigned a dedicated "staff coach" to help it prepare for the on-site survey. With extensive practical experience in their fields, each resource specialist provides valuable insight and acts as a conduit within CARF to secure additional provider resources. Your resource specialist is available to consult with you before, during, and after your accreditation survey.

    2. Peer review surveyors: CARF surveyors are peer practitioners from the field who are employed by service providers that have CARF accreditation or who have experience in the programs and services that are accredited by CARF. The team approach is consultative rather than prescriptive and offers a valuable resource to address many of the challenges and related possible solutions facing providers.

    3. Publications: CARF offers publications to assist you and your organization. They range from the standards manuals and survey preparation workbooks to complimentary newsletters about the facets of accreditation.

    4. Consumer reporting system: CARF has developed uSPEQ®, a turnkey data collection and reporting system designed to gather information from key stakeholders and assist service providers in improving their overall quality performance. Both the uSPEQ Consumer Experience Survey and the Employee Climate Survey are anonymous and confidential studies designed and conducted by an independent third party, thus freeing service providers from development, maintenance, and support of this critical information function.

    5. Education and training: CARF conducts many annual educational training sessions covering a variety of topics related to respective accreditation standards. Public sessions are conducted throughout the United States, Canada, and Western Europe to assist staff members in their pursuit of quality. A mix of on-site and online forums is provided to enable service providers to be inclusive of their staff. Custom training sessions can also be arranged upon request. 

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  • In their own words:

    "CARF staff provides a lot of resources in terms of seminars, educational materials - the whole gamut. It’s a very customer driven organization."

    Roger Carillo
    Vice President
    Benton, AR

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