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  • Canada Advanced Performance Measurement

    This interactive three-day training session will take the mystery out of defining, measuring, and reporting the performance of your programs and services. The Canada Advanced Performance Measurement training is open to all organizations that are seeking CARF accreditation or are already accredited. The training will be of particular interest to senior managers, program managers, quality improvement coordinators, and direct service providers.

    Canada Advanced Performance Measurement training will help you apply a quantitative approach to the CARF accreditation standards on performance measurement and performance improvement. You will work through elements of the quality improvement cycle, including performance measurement planning, data collection, and analyzing and sharing information.

    Educational objectives

    • Build an understanding of CARF’s Performance Measurement and Management (Section 1.M.) and Performance Improvement (Section 1.N.) standards.
    • Develop an understanding of how to define meaningful performance measures at both an organizational and program/service level.
    • Gain the skills necessary to design and implement a detailed measurement plan.
    • Gain the ability to design data collection tools to measure performance.
    • Learn to analyze data and create impactful performance reports that conform to the CARF standards and support quality improvement efforts.

    All presentations and materials are provided in English.

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  • October 24, 2023 - October 26, 2023
    Canada Advanced Performance Measurement
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Attendance is limited. Register now!

  • Small group of professionals gather around a table to review materials

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