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  • Transforming outcomes data into management information

    This three-day training institute takes you through the steps required to plan and conduct a program of outcomes management and quality improvement, including:

    • Outcomes system design and data collection.
    • Data analysis and interpretation
    • Management reporting.
    • Identification of areas for quality improvement activities based on findings.

    Featuring hands-on skills training for analysis and interpretation of outcomes data, this how-to institute is intended for individuals who are involved with the design, analysis, or interpretation of outcomes data within health and human services. Individuals in Canada may also be interested in the Canada Advanced Performance Measurement.

    The Transforming Outcomes institute is appropriate for administrators, data managers, directors of quality improvement, program managers, information management specialists, and direct service providers. It is useful for both the quality improvement (or data) manager and executive director or decision maker to attend. The institute is also open to university faculty interested in creating course content for training students to use outcomes data.

    The institute is applicable to health and human services programs in the areas of aging services (adult day services, assisted living, retirement living, continuing care retirement communities), behavioral health, child and youth services, employment and community services, medical rehabilitation, and opioid treatment (addiction and substance abuse).

    Sample outcomes data and off-the-shelf software are used to teach skills needed to develop an outcomes program consistent with CARF standards. The training institute includes different computer lab groups to meet the learning needs of participants with a broad range of computer and data analysis expertise.

    Educational objectives

    • Provide an overview of how to use outcomes concepts and techniques as a tool to drive program decisions and improve rehabilitation practice.
    • Demonstrate how to set up and use a framework for evaluating your program's performance.
    • Describe the overall processes and strategies for the collection and analysis of outcomes data.
    • Develop skills in the planning of data collection procedures, including sampling strategies, characteristics of data collection tools, quality control procedures for data collection, and database layout.
    • Create reports: develop charts and tables to display data and summarize relevant outcomes.
    • Use data analysis results to evaluate performance indicators. Develop a management report to identify a performance improvement action plan.
    • Acquire basic skills in the analysis of outcomes data: examine central tendencies and trends, create control charts for summary statistics, use presentation graphics to explore data distributions and individual outliers, and examine differences in program outcomes that suggest areas for program development.
    • Apply the skills learned in this seminar to a quality improvement program in your own setting.

    All presentations and materials are provided in English.

    Click on the event name for further information and to register.

  • February 29, 2024 - March 02, 2024
    Transforming Outcomes Data into Management Information Institute
    Tucson, AZ, United States
    Attendance is limited. Early Bird registration available. Register now!

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