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  • Case Management/Services Coordination

    Case management/services coordination programs provide goal-oriented and individualized supports focusing on improved self-sufficiency for the persons served through assessment, planning, linkage, advocacy, coordination, and monitoring activities. Successful services coordination results in community opportunities and increased independence for the persons served. Programs may provide occasional supportive counseling and crisis intervention services, when allowed by regulatory or funding authorities.

    Case management/services coordination may be provided by an organization as part of its person-centered planning and delivery, a department or division within the organization that works with individuals who are internal and/or external to the organization, or an organization with the sole purpose of providing case management/services coordination. Such programs are typically provided by qualified case managers/coordinators or case management teams.

    Organizations performing case management/services coordination as a routine function of other services or programs are not required to apply these standards unless they are specifically seeking accreditation for this program.

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