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  • Employee Development Services

    Employee development services are individualized services/supports that assist persons seeking employment to develop or reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, functional capacities, etc., to achieve positive employment outcomes.

    Such services/supports are time limited and can be provided directly to persons seeking employment or indirectly through corporate employer/employee support programs. These services/supports can be provided at community job sites, within formal and organized training and educational settings, through coaching, by tutorial services, or within the organization. These services may be offered in a free-standing unit or as a functional piece of other services.

    Some examples of the quality outcomes desired by the different stakeholders of these services include:

    • Person served obtains employment.
    • Person served moves to a training program or better employment.
    • Person served retains employment.
    • Person served obtains improved benefits.
    • Increased wages.
    • Increased skills.
    • Increased work hours.
    • Movement to individualized competitive employment.
    • Employment in an integrated environment.
    • Job advancement potential increases.
    • Job-seeking skills are developed.
    • Job-keeping skills are developed.
    • Career growth and development.
    • Level of support needed is reduced.
    • Exposure to and availability of a variety of jobs.
    • Program is kept at capacity.
    • Services are cost-effective for the results achieved.
    • Responsiveness (days from referral to starting services).

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