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  • Organizational Employment Services (OES)

    Organizational employment services are designed to provide paid work to the persons served in locations owned, leased, rented, or managed by the service provider. A critical component and value of organizational employment services is to use the capacity of the organization’s employment and training service design to create opportunities for persons to achieve desired employment outcomes in their community of choice, including individualized competitive employment.

    Service models are flexible and may include a variety of enterprises and business designs, including organization-owned businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, shops, franchises, etc.

    Some examples of the quality outcomes desired by the different stakeholders of these services include:

    • Movement to individualized competitive employment.
    • Movement to an integrated environment.
    • Increased wages.
    • Pay at or above minimum wage.
    • Increased skills.
    • Increased work hours.
    • Minimized downtime with meaningful activities available.
    • Exposure to and availability of a variety of jobs.
    • Increased ability to interact with others as part of a professional team and to resolve interpersonal issues appropriately.

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