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  • Providers earn recognition for accredited services

    CARF®-accredited service providers enjoy international recognition for their commitment to excellence. Consumers may be seeking treatment for addiction and substance abuse, looking for ideal retirement living, needing services for a family member who has a disability, or seeking one of the many health and human service programs.

    Third-party payers, governmental agencies, and the public at-large recognize CARF accreditation as a demonstration of accountability and conformance to internationally accepted standards that promote excellence in your services.

    The value of CARF accreditation is more than a certificate hanging on the wall. CARF accreditation is evidence that your organization strives to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery -- creating a foundation for consumer satisfaction.

    Whether you treat addiction and substance abuse, offer retirement living, or provide services for persons with disabilities, CARF accreditation is a sign of the continuing advancement of quality on which millions of consumers rely.

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