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  • ASPIRE to Excellence® movie script

    In the dawn of an environment of consumer choice, a new quality framework has emerged. CARF introduces ASPIRE to Excellence®. What does this mean to you?

    The new framework organizes CARF's standards into logical, action-oriented business practices.

    Assess the environment

    The focus of your mission and vision is the person served.

    Your leadership assesses the context of your environment and guides your organization towards achieving your mission.

    Governance holds your leadership accountable.

    Set strategy

    The balance between where an organization is and where it needs to go is a challenge that requires thoughtful, well-planned strategies.

    Developing strategy includes obtaining the input from a wide variety of sources.

    And no strategy is complete without vital input from persons served and other stakeholders.

    Persons served

    The people you serve are the reason you exist as an organization. Their feedback is essential to the design and delivery of quality services.

    Input extends to funders, regulators, community members, the public and other stakeholders. Their contributions are also important.

    Implement the plan

    You've taken the time to strategize, get input, and now is the time to fit it all together as you implement the plan.
    You ensure that:

    • You meet your legal and regulatory requirements
    • You have fiscally sound practices
    • You manage risks and mitigate your loss
    • You provide a safe and healthy environment
    • You value your human resources
    • You integrate technology
    • You protect and communicate the rights of the persons served
    • You eliminate all barriers to accessibility

    Review results

    You've designed your plan, you've implemented your plan, now it's time to review your results.

    You measure how well you've done against how well you wanted to do.

    Effect change

    Now that you know your strengths and know where you need to do better, it's time to effect change and improve performance.

    With input from persons served, this quality framework will guide you in to a successful future.

    For more information about CARF accreditation and the ASPIRE to Excellence® framework, contact CARF toll free at (888) 281-6531 or visit

    View and listen to the two-minute ASPIRE to Excellence® movie (Flash, 2 1/4 min.)

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