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  • Promoting your accreditation

    Accreditation can be difficult to explain to people unfamiliar with the concept. CARF offers tools to help you tell the story of accreditation.

    Guide to Promoting your Accreditation: This guide offers ideas and information to help organizations explain and promote their accredited programs and services.

    CARF logos: CARF logos are available for use on your website or in printed materials. This page includes CARF Canada and CARF Europe logos.

    Online promotion: Templates and HTML code to help you get started in promoting your CARF accreditation on your website.

    Embed videos: These short videos about CARF’s services and mission can be used to explain CARF accreditation benefits to persons served.

    Online store: CARF decals, brochures, and other promotional items are available for purchase.

    Complimentary brochures: Free brochures available for download. Choices include "Answering Your Questions About CARF International" and "Choosing Services for You and Your Loved Ones."

    Example accreditation announcement letters: Examples of letters to a civic leader announcing a recent accreditation.

    Example news releases: Examples of news releases announcing a recent accreditation.

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