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  • Vision Rehabilitation Services

    With rapid advancements in vision rehabilitation, CARF's standards reflect leadership in the field internationally.

    CARF accredits vision rehabilitation services programs, including:

    • Clinical Blind and Vision Rehabilitation for Veterans and Active Duty Services Members in the Veterans Health Administration
      • Comprehensive Blind Rehabilitation Services
      • Outpatient Low Vision and Blind Rehabilitation Services for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members
    • Vision Rehabilitation Services
      • Principle Standards for all Vision Rehabilitation Programs
      • Comprehensive Vision Rehabilitation Services
      • Orientation and Mobility Services
      • Vision Rehabilitation Therapy
      • Low-Vision Therapy

    Please refer to the program descriptions New window icon for further details.

    For more information on CARF vision rehabilitation services accreditation, please email or call toll free (888) 281-6531.

    CARF standards

    The CARF standards are developed with the input of providers, consumers, payers, and other experts from around the world. As such, CARF standards are field driven and have international consensus. Each year, CARF updates its standards manuals to ensure that the standards are relevant and guide service excellence with current practices.

    The CARF Vision Rehabilitation Services Standards Manual and companion publications are available from the CARF Online Store.

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