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Welcome to the new CARF Connection blog

By Brad Contento, corporate communications, CARF International

Brad ContentoAs 2016 gets rolling, we are happy to launch the newest addition to the CARF website: the CARF Connection blog. Welcome to the first blog post.

You may recognize the CARF Connection name because it previously was distributed in the form of a quarterly newsletter. That newsletter has been converted to a blog format that is now published and accessed here at New posts will also be distributed to subscribers via email. If you were subscribed to receive issues of the CARF Connection newsletter, you will now receive notices of new blog posts.

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A brief history of CARF Connection
The CARF Connection premiered as a hard-copy newsmagazine in the summer of 1997 and has been continuously published since. By 2004, the CARF Connection had been scaled back to a traditional newsletter, and CARF added a formatted electronic distribution option for subscribers. The printed version was discontinued completely in 2010.

CARF Connection first issue
The first issue of the CARF Connection, then a newsmagazine

The lead article for the premiere issue of the CARF Connection newsmagazine in 1997 highlighted the upcoming launch of the Standards Conformance Rating System (SCoRS®), an important component still used in CARF’s Survey Checklist. Another article announced CARF’s new agreement with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to apply CARF standards to VA rehabilitation programs. This is a relationship CARF still maintains today. View a PDF of the premiere issue of CARF Connection.

A selection of CARF Connection newsletter articles has been posted retroactively for continuity. They can be viewed by selecting the “Historical Newsletter Articles” Category in the right column of this page.

What to expect from the blog
The focus of the CARF Connection blog will stay true to its historical mission of providing timely tips, resources, news, and updates about CARF accreditation, business practices, and related matters. However, the blog will expand on those topics to also discuss current trends in the fields for which CARF offers accreditation and invite your comments and feedback.

Please subscribe if you wish to receive blog posts via email, and we look forward to communicating with you through this format. Have a great 2016!

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