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  • COVID-19: Taking Action through Cultural Competency and Diversity

    Presented by: Jed Johnson, Managing Director, Aging Services

    As aging services providers move forward in preparedness for the current and any future pandemic, it is essential to address the topics of diversity and inclusion. Like a tapestry, these themes must be woven throughout an organization's business processes. This 20-minute informative video outlines a formal cultural competency and diversity planning process that provides a framework to hold an organization accountable, spurring aging services providers to take concrete, productive, and informed action. A sample plan is also included below.

    Download the sample Cultural Compentency and Diversity Plan - PDF.

  • Disparity in COVID-19 deaths

    "An April 2020 NPR investigation into nursing home COVID-19 outbreaks revealed one factor that strongly correlated with the most affected long term care communities. It wasn’t quality of care, star ratings, nor was it staffing levels. It was the race and ethnicity of the provider’s residents and staff.”  

    NPR Analysis of COVID-19 Deaths at New York Nursing Homes, April 21, 2020 –

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